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Medical services that provide care to personal injury patients on a medical lien or a LOP can acquire huge portfolios of accounts receivables. These are non-liquid assets that may take months or years to collect. These receivables cost you and your practice. Selling your personal injury receivables offers many advantages to a growing business. We purchase these receivables so you don’t have to wait to get paid. This means money in your pocket immediately.


  • Speed of underwriting – Peak can often approve cases the same day.
  • Instant Payments – Funding will take place within 1 business day of approval.
  • Market Insight – The process of underwriting and settling cases requires a deep understanding of legal and medical concepts, all handled delicately. Peak has the knowledge and experience to handle cases professionally.
  • Legal Liaison – Peak becomes your partner when presenting to attorneys.
  • Peak is well Financed and can purchases LOP’s on strong personal Injury cases.

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